A Residential Program that Incorporates Animal-Assisted, Horticultural, and Outdoor Therapy

Individualized treatment plans include:
1. Psychiatric & Medical Services
2. Social Work & Therapeutic Support
3. Nature-Based & Animal-Assisted Therapy
4. Behavior Management
5. Family Therapy & Support

Green Chimneys, founded on the philosophy that it is healthy and therapeutic for children to interact with nature, provides a treatment setting in which all interactions with staff and the environment have a potentially therapeutic value. Nature-based programs in an enriched setting help children develop a sense of trust, responsibility and emotional regulation.

The farm, wildlife center, organic gardens, and numerous outdoor recreational programs are an integral part of the campus and organizational identity. Green Chimneys believes that learning takes place both in and out of the classroom, and activities as part of animal-assisted and horticultural therapy programs enable children to develop new skills and take advantage of new opportunities for success.

The practice of a fair and therapeutic application of behavioral support interventions assures the delivery of a high quality service to our children and their families. We employ a trauma-informed approach to create and maintain an optimal environment for safety and recovery, and staff is fully trained to develop a strong understanding and working knowledge of behavior management protocol.

A variety of behavior support techniques, along with tools to make informed decisions in crisis situations, are provided for all direct care staff based on the Cornell University Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Curriculum, 6th edition. Staff also receives extensive training and refresher sessions in effective de-escalation techniques that are our preferred methods of management.

Our multi-faceted clinical services incorporate an integrated program of Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Animal-Assisted Activities. LEARN MORE >

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