A Culture of Community Supports Mental Health Residential Treatment and Therapeutic Education

Student Stories
Afterschool clubs, trips, special events, charity projects, and even campus jobs are part of their experience living on the Green Chimneys campus. Receive more information>

Green Chimneys is a community both in and of itself, and part of the local and regional community. Our culture is one of safety, respect and inclusion, and our students are very much a part of everyday life within the organization.

We pride ourselves on maintaining an open campus, a place that hosts visitors from across the globe and holds public events in which students—and their families—can fully participate.

Mealtimes are shared by students and staff; monthly all-campus meetings deliver important news and recognize achievements by students and staff; and holiday celebrations and special occasions are attended by all.

The Green Chimneys Brewster Campus includes:

  • Green Chimneys School
  • Residential student facilities
  • Full gym and swimming pool
  • Farm & Wildlife Center with nearly 300 animals
  • Boni-Bel Farm

Our campus is also adjacent to the Great Swamp, one of the major wetlands in New York State, which provides students with a special resource for science and nature study.

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