In Student's Own Words: Celebrating Success at Green Chimneys

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August 12, 2015


The S.A.F.E. level system at Green Chimneys allows students to earn freedoms and trust based on safety, working towards treatment goals, and following the program rules. The four levels are Striver (white band), Achiever (yellow band), Forward (blue band) and Exemplar (green band). Privileges are based on your safety level and even include some amazing trips and special parties.

It can take almost a year to get to green band and earn the most freedom and best privileges. You get a plastic bracelet so people can know what level you have worked for and knowing you have earned some time as blue or green is something I really appreciate. Earlier this year, I celebrated earning a green Exemplar band in a special ceremony with my class.

Now that I have my green band, I notice how far I have come and how many achievements I've made. I've been so much more mature and so much more responsible. I will not be here next year to show it. I'll be going to my home district. That's how far I've come and a new chapter in my life will unfold. To everyone who helped me — thank you. To everyone here — thank you. And to my aunt and uncle for pushing me this far — thank you. And thank you mom for teaching me to face my fears and to help push me further than before. Thank you everyone.

Alex G., Green Chimneys Student
August 2015

PHOTO: Congrats to our Exemplar-level students who earned a summer weekend of adventure in the Adirondacks due to personal progress in working toward treatment goals, respecting program rules and embracing safe behaviors. Their success makes us proud!

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