Admissions FAQ

Our seasoned Admissions Team works with parents, school districts, hospitals, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, medical doctors, parent advocates and attorneys to identify the needs of each child referred.

How are children admitted to the residential program?
A child’s referring agency sends a referral packet to the Admissions Department, which reviews and schedules interviews for children who fit the academic, social and emotional profile our campus-based residential treatment program. Once a child is accepted, Admissions partners with parents and referring agencies to collect all necessary documentation needed to facilitate an admission. When all of the proper paperwork is collected, a date of admission is scheduled for the child.

How long does a child stay in the program?
Due to the individualized nature of the program, length of stay will vary from one child to the next. Treatment goals are created within the first 30 days of admission. Once they are achieved, the child will be recommended for discharge.

Do you provide medical care?
Green Chimneys has a 24-hour Health & Wellness Center which provides routine medical and dental treatment, nursing services, pediatric care, psychiatric services, and nutritional counseling for all residential students.

Is family therapy offered?
Green Chimneys offers family therapy to all students in our campus-based residential treatment program and their families. We recognize that long-term success is achieved through a multitude of interventions, especially family therapy. We partner with the Ackerman Institute for the Family to provide additional training and support to our clinicians and families.

How do animals and nature relate to treatment at Green Chimneys?
Green Chimneys applies a variety of clinical approaches and nature-based programs directly and indirectly to support and enhance therapeutic education and treatment for each child. Also known as ecotherapy, these programs and practices are designed to help children develop critical skills such as trust, self-esteem, empathy, emotional regulation, and responsibility. Therapeutic animal-assisted activities range from playing with a dog, cat or rabbit during a session with a trained adult, to assisting with the everyday tasks of feeding, grooming and collecting eggs, to more comprehensive activities such as therapeutic horseback riding and training of assistance dogs for people with physical disabilities. Horticulture activities also support social, academic, psychological and physical well-being. Our gardening program is an effective tool in helping students learn new skills and see how their contribution makes a difference

Are there animals in the student residences?
Animals are a part of daily life at Green Chimneys and children have the opportunity to interact with them at whatever level they feel comfortable, provided they treat the animals with respect and care. Animals can be found in some classrooms and select campus offices but animals do not reside in student living areas.

Whom do I contact with concerns?
Every student, family member, pediatrician, and referring physician is part of our treatment team. Contact information for a child’s treatment team is provided on the day of admission and the child’s social worker is always a resource and liaison to help answer any questions or concerns. Questions or concerns related to a specific area should be addressed to the team member associated with that program.

How are employees screened prior to hiring?
A child’s care and safety is of utmost concern and all Green Chimneys staff members are carefully screened prior to the start of employment. Our Human Resources department diligently checks professional, personal and educational resources and information provided by prospective employees and volunteers. We comply with New York State Office of Children and Family Services requirements for background checks, obtain a federal check through fingerprinting, and screen for substance abuse, both prior to employment and randomly thereafter.

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